Mind Mapping Tools: Not To Lose Bright Ideas Mind Mapping Tools: Not To Lose Bright Ideas

You have some kind of problem. You have been seeking a viable solution to resolve it for a while but have failed to reach it yet. At last, the idea suddenly hits you whenever you are: at work, on a treadmill or in a cafe with your friends. It could be time to say ''Eureka'' but a stroke of genius may be so fleeting that you can easily lose the moment. So it's a must for you to make notes, however, to put ideas into writing is easier said than done. In this case, mind mapping tools might come in handy to have your thoughts visually organized.

In short, mind map is a graphical way to structurally represent your ideas. Here goes a list of mind mapping tools that will surely help visual thinkers avoid half-concepts and patchy schemes while brainstorming.


It is a feature-rich program designed by ThinkBuzan. You will certainly appreciate this productivity tool that lets you easily spark and manage your ideas. iMindMap has a user friendly interface with a detailed help tutorial and offers you a wide range of default brainstorming canvas to choose from: Curriculum Planner, Weekly Planner, Essay Planner, etc. If you don't like built-in templates, you can import a canva to your taste and then share it with your friends or colleges. Moreover, the program provides the option to get translated templates in case you have difficulty understanding.


Brainstorm View enables you to suggest fresh ideas while Mind Map View allows for transforming your thoughts into plans. Within the program, you can also add links, images and comments to expand your brainstorm session. Furthermore, you can prepare colourful well-structured presentations, convert them to a PowerPoint format, or upload to YouTube.

It costs 80 bucks but you can enjoy the trial version, however,before you should register to get access to iMindMap Cloud. Quite pricey and it takes time to register.

Edraw Mind Map

Another great aid tool to visualize your ideas is Edraw Mind Map developed by EdrawSoft. The program is free of charge and gives you a number of context-responsive templates to structure your thoughts: for instance, you can select a built-in mind map showing how to organize your birthday, choose a car or improve sleeping habits. Also it allows drawing diagrams and project timelines.

Edraw Mind MapEdraw Mind Map

Edraw Mind Map is highly customizable: you are able to select a style, a background and a form of mind maps, add eye-catching symbols, and so on. By the way, Edraw Mind Map is fully compatible with the Microsoft Office programs, lets you print and easily share your work. Definetly, worth a try, isn't it?


Last but not least, I would like to present you the XMind program by XMind Ltd. It's an elegant solution to visually outline your ideas. The program provides you with a vast range of tempaltes on any occasion: e.g. to plan your trip, prepare for a conversation or meeting, and much more. Xmind can be of crucial importance to weight all pros and cons of the situation and make a decision.


Moreover, the tool presents a number of styles, themes and color pickers. Brandstroming Mode is able to lessen your stress and protect your eyes by decreasing lights of the screen while you're organizing your thoughts. It's open-source, so you can try this program as well.

No matter which program you're going to choose, the main point is to be inspired, get fresh ideas and keep them well-organized.

How do you manage to structure your thoughts?
I find mind mapping software is very effective for planning or brainstorming ideas. As someone who is very visual-oriented, it is invaluable to let ideas flow this way, in a non-conventional structured format. I find it is very good for the brainstorming part of the process, but not as effective for collecting data and storing it. Using a task (to-do list) manager and calendar, etc. is much more effective for me to get things done, but mind mapping is an integral part of the planning process - essentially the 'big picture' planning of things.

Furthermore, I would say it doesn't or probably won't replace any of your applications currently used to track projects and goals, but what it does do so brilliantly well is add a very effective part of the process that is essentially missing from most workflows - so add it to your current workflow of software, don't expect it to replace any of it, as it will only enhance your system.

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Referenced Windows applications

EDraw Mind Map

Creates mind maps based on rich examples and templates.


Create a graphical chart of your ideas for projects.


Create attractive mind maps easily and quickly with this program.

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