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Someone once told me, "Summer and winter were not supposed to fall in love." This got me thinking: I know a lot of happy couples but you'd hardly call any of them compatible. Sooner or later, everyone starts wondering, "Is he the right person?" or "Does she really love me?" - and I suppose it's in our human nature (or maybe you could say it's our feminine nature) to feel insecure and doubtful about personal compatibility.

Well, there are many apps that claim to be able to give you the answer and alleviate all your doubts based on nothing more than a couple of names and birth dates; so if you think you need a boost in confidence (or a wake-up call that would make you actually do something), read on. The results might be amusing.

'Love Actually' – Love Calculator

This app offers a quick way to check the level of compatibility between you and your partner. To calculate the strength of your love, all you need is just enter your names and provide birth dates. Actually, the latter are not that important; you can just disable the Birth Date option and the app will use your names to calculate your compatibility. The interface also lets you learn the compatibility of several couples in percent: use the option Clear next to the names and you'll see the results for the recently added names as well.

How strong do you love?Love Calculator

To be fair, the compatibility report seems a bit too short: the program only displays the compatibility percentage with a tiny comment. E.g. "the result (73%) reveals that Romeo and Juliet were a comfortable match that could do well together." Oh really, how insightful.

If you're not satisfied with the superficial approach of this tool (and you probably aren't), let's move right along and try some more advanced ones.

MB Free Astro Compatibility Test Software

With MB Free Love Test, it will take you quite some time to estimate interpersonal compatibility from different astrological angles. This suite demands much more personal details, like time of birth, time zone, latitude and longitude of your location, etc. If you're thinking about skipping anything, forget about it: the app will just refuse to analyze your compatibility.

Still, it's not as daunting as it sounds. If you have some difficulty finding your geographical coordinates, the program will simplify your task and help you by asking for your city, state, and country.

Estimate your Astrological CompatibilityMB Free Astro Compatibility Test Software

The results look quite impressive: the report informs you on Power (the strength of your bonding) and Harmony (the level of comfort). The developer claims to have undertaken serious research on a random group of people to estimate average values; so the product of Power and Harmony allegedly demonstrates reliable results on human relationships. For what it's worth, Astro Compatibility Test shows that Romeo and Juliet's compatibility is just 14 %, which is a tad too far from an ideal relationship.

MB Free Relationship Compatibility Test

I must say, the interface of this program looks rather minimalistic. To test your relationship, you just enter your names and birth dates and get your compatibility. First, you look through your astrological profiles and compare yourselves with the suggested descriptions. Then you get to know your Friendship Compatibility based on several properties: how dependable, outgoing, caring, etc. you are. After analyzing the features of your couple, the final result passes sentence on your compatibility. For instance, Romeo and Juliet had a great relationship full of enthusiasm and energy but still they could be better friends. Well, it sounds reasonable.

Are you good friends?MB Free Relationship Compatibility Test

In conclusion, here's a quick question: what do these apps have to do with real life? The answer is: not too much. But as a means to find out that you're actually much closer than love calculators think you to be, these apps are tons of fun.

Will you test your love?