Microsoft Tempts Researchers to Work on HoloLens with $500K

Microsoft is offering $500,000 for US-based researchers willing to create new content for the HoloLens. The company is looking for new ways to use its augmented reality headset, so it put out a request for proposals on Monday. The participants will have to come up with projects that will help the IT giant “to better understand the role and possible applications for holographic computing in society." According to Microsoft's announcement, it will pick "approximately" five winners, offering each of them $100,000 in funding and two development kits.

From what I understand, the company is especially interested in projects that focus on data visualization, teaching, collaboration and interactive art. Furthermore, the participants are encouraged to come up with plans to acquire additional funding from other sources, so it seems that the IT giant is chasing after large-scale projects. Unfortunately, not everyone can participate. In order to be eligible, the researchers must work at an institution that is either an accredited, non-profit, degree-granting university or a non-profit research institution. Furthermore, the candidates must demonstrate that their institution is capable of completing their project and allow Microsoft to make their plans publicly available (in case they win).

The submission stage will end on the 5th of September and afterwards an internal review board will choose the projects that will receive the available grants. If you're interested in the program and you are eligible for the grants, you can find more details or submit your projects here.