HTC Vive 2 rumored to be unveiled at CES 2017

According to the latest rumors, we might get a first glance at HTC Vive 2 at the Consumer Electronics Show in 2017. Though at the moment, the company is keeping quiet about this, there are quite a few speculations coming from Taiwan about the upcoming device. For starters, it seems that the new virtual reality headset will be wireless and that it will sport twin 4K displays, but I recommend taking this in with a grain of salt as I won't vouch for the rumors' credibility.

Why am I so skeptical about this? It's not that I don't believe that HTC can pull off something spectacular like this, but I'm pretty sure that there aren't enough computers that can offer support for these capabilities. Most of today's PCs have a hard time keeping up with the current VR headsets, which have 90 Hz displays, so having the hardware to render the 4K images at 120 Hz (120 FPS) that the Vive 2 is rumored to produce is quite problematic. Even though the headset might be cool just for innovation's sake, the company needs to make money and it can't do so if there's no one to sell the headset to. On the other hand, the wireless feature is actually quite possible since it will provide a more immersive experience and Oculus is already working on something similar.

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