China Issued a Public Ultimatum to Microsoft

Boy, when Chinese anti-monopoly regulators set their sights on someone, they really don't let go. I'm sure Microsoft officials would agree with this statement, especially since China gave the IT giant a public ultimatum which offers the company three weeks to explain its business practices in regards to a couple of its main products: Windows and Office.

According to a report from Reuters, Chinese officials from the State Administration for Industry and Commerce (SAIC) have interviewed Microsoft China's vice president, David Chen. Since (apparently) he wasn't fully cooperating, they decided to give the Redmond-based company 20 days to give a written answer to all their questions. Microsoft isn't the only foreign company to come under scrutiny of Chinese officials. Recently, a long list of over 30 other names have had their fair share of problems with the Beijing government.

The entire scandal began in July, when a series of events took place, including a state-wide ban on using Windows 8 on government-related computers which culminated in a raid of the antitrust officials on the Microsoft offices from four major Chinese cities. Many imply that the reason behind these government actions is the IT giant's decision to stop offering support for Windows XP (which is probably the most popular OS in China). Furthermore, another possible contributing factor may be the fact that the Chinese have decided to create their own, national operating system.

In an official statement, Microsoft reiterated their interest in abiding by the Chinese laws and their commitment to answering all the questions and concerns of the SAIC regulators. Microsoft's CEO, Sataya Nadella, is scheduled to visit China later this month.

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When are we going to make China a third world country again.
I don' get it, a big RED country and the whole world is buying from them.
World knows they treat their own citizens like slaves, hang citizens for bad production, pay pennies to the dollar or yen. Whatever. Stop importing from this communist country. It is a non-democracy country. We run into every country and spread democracy. A six year old can see what a world of leaders turn their heads on.

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Their just patent dogs, they will eventually control all major IP's and probably all global capitol. Has nothing to do with politics "although it is a leading factor" and everything to do with population. They simply have more population density than any other part of the of the world. If Darwinism teaches us anything it is that its all about survival and expansion. Sad but true!

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