iTunes Plugins to spice up your music experience iTunes Plugins to spice up your music experience

There is an ambiguous attitude towards iTunes. Some consider it an ideal option for music lovers which has a lot of advantages over other music managers, including compatibility with iDevices and its regular updates. Others think that it has such an awful number of drawbacks the most notable of which are too much memory, space and resources use and audio format restrictions that it is ridiculous to give it preference over other music organizers.

Still it remains one of the most popular music managers around and if you choose iTunes to handle your music then you, perhaps, will be interested in plugins that will make iTunes even more functional, as well as, help you manage your music faster and easier.


If you have some tag problems in your tunes then Rinse will help you solve them. Rinse has a great variety of functions among which are song information fixing, album covers adding, duplicate songs removing and genre organizing. In other words it is an essential application if you pay fastidious attention to details in your music library and don't want to spare a whole lot of time manually editing all of this information. The Rinse plugin is shareware. During the trial period you can fix 50 songs after that if you wish to continue using it the payment is required.

rinse-itunes-screenshot.png rinse-itunes-screenshot2.png

Album Cover Finder

Another plugin that will help you make your iTunes' album cover art complete and colorful is Album Cover Finder. iTunes' Coverflow looks great only if it contains the artwork for each album. If you activate Coverflow mode you will be able to see which covers are missing. Then let the Album Cover Finder get the missing covers fast and easy. Besides this core function it can also show you artists' biography, videos and gig schedules which will make information about musicians fully complete.



As some demanding music lovers find it obligatory each album to have a cover and each tune to have lyrics, our next step will be searching for a lyrics plugin. There is a great number of them readily available but we are going to choose one of the simplest and free ones - EvilLyrics. The application is very light and easy to use. When you start listening to a song the addon immediately displays the text. Its database contains millions of lyrics, besides it cashes and organizes displayed texts so you can view it even off line. Its another feature is karaoke mode, however, the karaoke's lyrics database is much smaller. EvilLyrics' main benefits is its lightness and simplicity and it's free of any charge. And the only drawback is that it occasionally returns an inaccurate result which you can fix by clicking "next result" button.



Next iTunes plugin we would like to pay attention to is iConcertCal, an interesting and free utility that will always keep you informed about your favorite artists' album releases and upcoming concerts in your city. It is especially handy for live-music fans who have an impressive media collection with songs of different genres. In order for this utility to work just open iTunes visualizer and type in your city and a search radius. iConcertCal scans your iTunes music library and organizes a personal calendar of all upcoming album releases and gigs based on your music collection. You can highlight most important concerts and exchange calendars with your friends.



Moody is another free iTunes addon. iTunes allows us to tag songs by their stars ratings or genre, but with Moody you can tag them by, get this, mood. It has a range of 16 colors, each of them represents a certain mood, from calm to intense vertically and from sad to happy horizontally. So the happiest and most intense song will be yellow and the saddest and calmest - blue. Then based on the color, tagged songs are organized into playlists that you will be able to listen to according to your mood. Some may say that you might as well create playlists of purely dynamic or peaceful songs on your own and that is quite true. But Moody will make this process of creation much simpler and enjoyable. Another Moody's benefit is that it allows you to decide for yourself which color and mood you associate with each song.


These applications will help you make your music library's experience more complete, colorful and convenient.