If You're a Gamer, Why not Use Cheat Codes? If You're a Gamer, Why not Use Cheat Codes?

Although cheating has always been thought to be a cardinal sin, it's still one of the most widespread ways to archive things that otherwise would be out of you reach in a game. And video games are no exception.

Whether for better or worse, using cheat codes has become an integral part of the gaming culture, and there's now almost nothing to be ashamed of. For some cheating is a real life saver when they need to get through difficult stages in a game, and for others it's how they can experience a game at their own pace, the way they like it. I, for one, while playing the ever-popular Sims, found it extremely boring to walk the line without using the extra money cheat. I simply couldn't enjoy the game without it! If you're in the same boat, you'll definitely like these apps I'm about to show you.

Cheat Engineis the most-used open source software for cheating in video games. Commonly known as CE, this app is a debugger, a hex editor, and a memory scanner rolled into one; and it can help you to modify any single-player game to make it harder or easier in real time at your whim.

Cheat Engine

In a nutshell, Cheat Engine scans the data your game stores in your computer's memory to find the variables associated with various in-game parameters, like in-game cash, or life points, etc. It allows you to manipulate those variables and therefore improve your performance.

Another popular game cheater, ArtMoney, offers a very similar approach. On the surface, it's just a memory editor, and it's actually not that far from the truth.


The whole idea behind it is that it helps you to get the memory address that contains the quantity you want to modify. When the desired value is found, all you need to do is change it to anything you like. For instance, if you want to increase the health points or bullets for your character, just set the needed number (and maybe freeze the value to keep it from going down) and go on conquering the game's summit!

In case you find these two apps too complicated, I'd love to introduce you to one more cheat app, which uses a slightly different approach - CheatBook. This application is more of a cheat-code tracker or database, containing hints, tips, and tricks for most popular games of various genres and recent releases. All the games are listed alphabetically in the left-hand window and to get their secret codes, you just need to select the game you want to break - and it will be displayed in the right-hand window. Actually, that's it. Then you just use whichever dirty (or not so much) trick you've found handy, and you're good to go.


At their core, CE and ArtMoney are rather effective not just for games, but also for hacking other kinds of software. They are good at finding exactly the value you need in each specific case, without bulking you with information you can't use. They may seem quite difficult to use (especially Cheat Engine), which they are, and may even be considered dangerous, as things can go very wrong in some cases, but that the price you pay for versatility. If you're not that needy, CheatBook should fit the bill. They're all freeware and you're definitely losing nothing if you give them a try.

Do you use cheats in video games?


I occasionally use cheats to get past something I've spent far too much of my time on. But I always give it a few tries first without the cheats, as that is part of the fun in gaming for me... the challenge. Games would be boring if everyone started with infinite money, weapons, armor, abilities, etc... why not just got the little further step and "auto-win"... then you wouldn't even need to bother playing at all, lol.

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I use cheats a lot during the initial stages so that at the final stages I can stay afloat.

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That's fine if you use cheats for offline games.

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The same belongs to me: I do my best but if I fail to find a key, I don't disdain cheats at all Nea Otherwise, I'll lose the interest to the game)

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Sometimes I use cheats when I stuck too long on one level Diablo

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It sounds interesting indeed!

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