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Analog Clock-7
It can give you the time of day from across a crowded room for free.
Mountain Waterfall 3D Screensaver
Animated screensaver and wallpaper showing a mountain landscape.
Free Famous Games Screensaver
Slideshow with multiple images of games.
Theme Clock-7
Screensaver that displays the time in a huge analog clock.
Lake Clock Screensaver
Enjoy new free clock screensaver!
Green Waterfalls Screensaver
Green Waterfalls Screensaver shows a small waterfall.
Dolphins 3D Screensaver and Animated Wallpaper
Animated 3D screensaver and wallpaper who will dive you in the deepest oceans.
Great Waterfalls Screensaver
Great Waterfalls is an animated screensaver which shows an amazing waterfall.
Titanic Memories 3D Screensaver and Animated Wallpaper
Tribute to the ship.
Win8 ScreenSaver Clock Free
The amazing Windows 8 metro style screensaver plus fully loaded clock with date...
Mechanical Clock 3D Screensaver
Program wich will show a special clock.
A screensaver which uses the authentic Matrix font from the Matrix movie.
Sharks, Terrors of the Deep
This screensaver takes you to the deep ocean to watch the beautiful sharks.
Flag 3D Screensaver
With Flag 3D Screensaver, you will get immersed in a patriotic spirit!
Amazing Bubbles 3D
Free screensaver for Windows users.
Koi Fish 3D Screensaver
Ideal door to a world of calm and relaxation.
Lagoon 3D Screensaver
A beautiful beach with palm trees and a setting sun along with relaxing music.
Ancient Castle 3D Screensaver
Ancient Castle 3d Screensaver brings the Middle Age to your desktop.
Galleon 3D Screensaver
Superb screensaver with a 3D model of an ancient Spanish Galleon.
Deep Space 3D Screensaver
Deep Space 3D Screensaver will take you on a journey to distant planets.
Clock Tower 3D Screensaver
Clock Tower 3D Screensaver takes you to a medieval town.
Cuckoo Clock 3D Screensaver
A fairy tale forest scene with singing cuckoo birds that give the time.
Earth 3D Screensaver
Earth 3D Screensaver takes you on a trip to outer space around our planet.
Fireside Christmas 3D Screensaver
Fireside 3D Screensaver will keep you warm as you wait for Santa to arrive.
Voyage of Columbus 3D Screensaver
Get Voyage of Columbus 3D Screensaver and join Columbus as he discovers America.