Easy DVD Creator

Reviewed by Ricardo Soria 23 hours ago

Easy DVD Creator is a handy software tool that allows you to create DVD movies from your video files. You can merge any number of video files into a DVD movie up to 3 hours long. The program does not only create the DVD movie, but it also burns it to a blank DVD. Both DVD-5 and DVD-9 are supported...


Reviewed by Francisco Martínez Yesterday, 8:49 AM

Collagerator is a nice and simple collage-making tool that anybody can use to create attractive photo collages in just a few seconds. The program is not a professional tool loaded with hundreds of templates and complicated features. This is a program for the average home user who simply wishes to...

Phoenix Protector

Reviewed by Margie Smeer Yesterday, 7:47 AM

Phoenix Protector is a neat and handy tool that helps you protect .NET assemblies. It prevents the .NET assemblies from being decompiled by transforming their code and features into obfuscated versions that can’t be read, understood, and eventually used without your prior authorization.


Reviewed by Ioana Dumitrescu Yesterday, 4:45 AM

PdfMerge is a simple application that helps you join multiple PDF files into a larger document. You can either merge entire files or determine specific pages on each document, which should be transferred to the new document. You are allowed to add footnotes and to renumber the pages.

Haihaisoft PDF Reader

Reviewed by Margie Smeer Yesterday, 4:23 AM

Haihaisoft PDF Reader is a simple and straightforward tool that allows you to open PDF documents, view their contents (read them), and even print them if needed. Haihaisoft PDF Reader is one of the smallest, neatest, and most lightweight PDF reading tools that you can find. It comes with a...

Alarm Clock Pro

Reviewed by Ioana Dumitrescu 2 days ago

Alarm Clock Pro is a handy application that allows you to set wake-up calls and to automate the execution of computer-related tasks at specific time intervals. It is a neat app that helps you never miss important events that are about to come. In addition, it executes scheduled tasks on your...

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