Hijri Calendar

Reviewed by Margie Smeer 9 hours ago

Hijri Calendar is a simple, neat, and handy utility that does what its name says: it shows a comfortable, easy-to-browse Hijri Calendar. On “month view”, both Hijri and Gregorian dates can be viewed. Furthermore, events belonging to both Hijri and Gregorian dates are also displayed.


Reviewed by Alexandru Andrei 9 hours ago

This popular compression utility can open many types of archive formats (RAR, ZIP, 7z, TAR, GZIP etc.). It can only compress to RAR, ZIP and recently the new RAR5 format. The algorithm is fast and gives satisfactory results size-wise. It supports archive splitting, encryption and recovery records.

Audio File Cutter

Reviewed by Margie Smeer 9 hours ago

The main functionality and purpose of Audio File Cutter can be deducted from its name: it’s a tool that lets you cut fragments from audio files. It can be used to extract segments from audio files or split audio files into smaller pieces and it’s very handy when you need to remove ads from recorded...


Reviewed by John Static 9 hours ago

YouTubeGet aims to help you downloading any YouTube video, and convert it with the minimum knowledge. I discourage you from buying this piece of software. It does its job, but not well. There are many free alternatives that work better and have many more features.


Reviewed by Margie Smeer 11 hours ago

CDCheck helps you discover and retrieve damaged and corrupted files from CDs, DVDs, and other media storage devices. It’s a complete recovery solution that focuses on error detection and on discovering the corrupted files on CDs. Its main purpose and final goal is to help you ensure that your CDs...

Direct Video Downloader

Reviewed by Ricardo Soria 11 hours ago

Direct Video Downloader is a handy tool designed to help you download videos from YouTube and, optionally, make them compatible with some popular mobile devices. The best thing about this program is that it allows you to download entire playlists/channels from YouTube, or even all the videos...

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