• Overwhelmed with that immense choice on-line shopping offers? New comparison shopping service picVpic will help you find what you want.
  • In case you are not completely satisfied with features of your smartphone and have no wish to change it, a modular phone will come in handy! Easily upgrade or replace hardware components to meet your needs.
  • What if your sweet TV show got adapted into a video game? Would it be so obsessing in playable pixelated form? Figure it out with the top 5 games based on TV shows.
  • Google has recently made some further steps towards the wider distribution of the Google Glass technology. Yesterday, on 15 April only, Glass headsets could be sold to customers in the US.
  • Here come file swapping applications - a hassle-free option to transfer files between the devices you use.
  • CDs and DVDs are the dinosaurs of the computer world. They are coming close to extinction clearing the way for digital shops.
  • What is enough for a good RPG? A mound of different classes, a huge world to toy with, a pinch of exciting plot and a spoonful of juicy graphics. Today this won't be enough to take a gamer's breath away.
  • If you still picture a waterproof phone as a thick and ugly rubberized device able only to make calls and do some basic stuff, have a look at these five examples.
  • Biometrics open new horizons in device and place security. Probably, in several years we will get rid of long symbol chains, called passwords.
  • Ever wish you had a professional lens to create fisheye, bokeh or tilt-shift images? Here are popular lens effects that you can create with the help of basic photo editors.
  • People of the 80's and 90's, the things we've thought impossible to exist at those times are becoming real nowadays. Virtual reality is not a myth anymore.
Convert PDF To Image

Reviewed by Francisco Martínez 9 hours ago

Convert PDF to Image transforms the pages of your PDF files into individual images in any of the most popular file formats, such as TIFF, JPG, BMP, or PNG. The program’s true beauty lies in its batch conversion capabilities, the flexibility of the conversion process itself, and the fact that all...

Home Photo Studio

Reviewed by Pedro Castro 9 hours ago

This applicationcan help you edit photographs. Despite being specifically intended for users without much knowledge in graphic design, this tool includes a long list of features. Thus, the application lets you not only modify photos but also restore and decorate them. Fortunately, almost every...

Remove Logo Now!

Reviewed by Margie Smeer 9 hours ago

Remove Logo Now! is a handy application created to help you remove logos, watermarks, subtitles, text overlays, and other elements from videos. It supports a lot of video file formats, including AVI, MOV, M1V, MP2, SVCD, FLV, MP4, M2V, DVD, SWF, 3GP, MKV, WMV, and RM10.

AnvSoft Photo Flash Maker Free

Reviewed by Francisco Martínez 10 hours ago

Transforming your static photo albums into attractive and interactive Flash videos can be as simple as selecting your photos, a theme, and one of the ways of publishing and sharing it that AnvSoft Photo Flash Maker Free’s wizard offers you. The program supports all the most popular image file...

Music Collector

Reviewed by Pedro Castro Yesterday, 6:21 AM

Music Collector lets you organize your music collections. It is actually a database with specific purposes, where you can store data about your discs and digital audio files. The application can import data in several ways. First, it can scan a music folder and import the headers and tags of the...


Reviewed by Alexandru Andrei Yesterday, 6:05 AM

With this application you can view all the network connections established by your computer. You can close connections, kill the processes that opened them or instruct the utility to beep each time a new port is open. Include and exclude filters allow you to easily keep an eye only on what...

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