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I have Mac Informer, but this may apply to SW Informer as well.
Like a lot of Mac owners, I don't have all of my software in the Applications folders, but have separated them into folders for Applications, Utilities, Internet, and so on, simply because there are so many apps that I use, and it's easier to find them this way. All of these folders are at root level, BTW. In all of those folders, there may be sub-folders (video converters, for example) as well.

There should be some way (in Preferences? Mine is grayed out) to tell Mac Informer where to look for all software; adding folders other than the Applications ƒ, which seems to be the only place M/I looks.

Re: Informer Search

Good day to you, OldRogue!
Thank you for the idea, we will definetely look into that.