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Objective:want to extract phone numbers so i can que them on bulk sms mode via smart phone.Currently using Galaxy Note 1.Have to switch screen back n forth to copy & paste.too much work.Help me pls.
This brings to another question. Can i do this on VOip too?
Any suggestion most welcome.Many a thanks in advance

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I bought a phone ZTE V887,i have it for more then onr month now,but today when i tried to turn him on he displayd me the android cartoon,lie down with what it look like a door open on the belly and inside seams like a key pad. Any one nows what that means?? And the phone started to turn him self off,alone,just by moving him,our just simply gently turn him over to any side,no matter witch side. Can any one help me with this?? I now his a new phone on the market but his there any update i can make for the phone fix this problem???