Topic: Changing default browser from firefox???

hi everyone. somehow or another, the default browser for my SI has become firefox, which i rarely ever use. any suggestions on how to change it to my default browser, IE8?  i even uninstalled and reinstalled SI but it didn't help.


Re: Changing default browser from firefox???

Caramelka wrote:

I found this solution on Microsoft web-site:

How do I make Internet Explorer my default web browser?

Click on Tools from the toolbar in Internet Explorer 8 and select Internet Options. Then select the Programs tab from the top of the window to access the default browser settings. You can even choose to be alerted if Internet Explorer is not your default browser. Click OK to save your changes.

LOL sorry, i just reread my last question. what i meant was, how do i change the default browser IS opens with from firefox to IE8. i have no idea how it got changed to firefox, but i need it to open in IE8.

thanks for looking for me, camelka. i really appreciate it.

Re: Changing default browser from firefox???

Caramelka wrote:

As well as I understand you want to open SI client links in IE8 browser, not Firefox, which is your default browser. Unfortunately we can no resolve this issue as SI client uses the default browser.  neutral

well, that's the problem. IE8 IS my default browser. the only reason i use firefox is when i want to go to a page and get only a white page instead of one with content on it. but for everything else i use my IE browser and it really is the default browser, which is why i don't understand what caused SI to begin opening in firefox.

thanks for your help, caramelka. i guess i either need to uninstall either firefox or SI or maybe both. then try reinstalling SI then firefox again after i use SI a time or two to update something. i just don't know what else to do.

have a great week!!!

Re: Changing default browser from firefox???

On your computer, click the Start menu .
Click Control Panel.
Click Programs Default Programs. Set your default programs.