Topic: Subtitling Rates and Factors Behind It

Literally, the definition of subtitling is primarily the addition of subtitles to a video, program or movie. Translation of subtitles is the incorporation of the translated form of subtitles into a foreign language that the speaker has spoken. Subtitling translation is an activity that needs a deep understanding of the audience, its cultural sensibilities and local sympathy. These factors generally spread the message in a manner that naturally be distributed to them.

Most subtitling translation companies are composed of professional linguists who completely understand the cultural and idiomatic distinction between different languages. Subtitling translation service providers offer a wide range of subtitling services. From professional video translation from YouTube to movie subtitling translation, all these services can be experienced fully.

Subtitling services rate

Subtitling rates for translation are computed based on subtitles rates per minute. Basically, these subtitling rates computation permits to identify the rates for subtitling service. Generally, most subtitling rates are almost similar and self-reliant of the involved languages. Moreover, the subtitling rates may also be independent of the type of file or video content.

Basically, a $6.00 subtitling rates per minute is applicable for all subtitling of any languages. It may be on English subtitling, a French subtitling, or a Spanish subtitling. Meaning ,Rates for subtitling a standard 90-minute movie may cost $540.

Delivery time for subtitling translation

Translation of movies with subtitles usually take around 90 minutes. Some characters for a movie subtitle translation may come in long script, but others may have short dialog. But, generally, the delivery time for a standard 90-minute movie is between 4 up to 6 working days.

This simply means that the delivery time have an average of about 15 minutes in a day. The delivery time usually covers not only the audio translation. It also deals with the adaptation to the audience and the country the movie will be showing.

Subtitle file formatting

Primarily the  subtitling rates may also be affected by the file format for translation. The translation of subtitles is conducted by utilization of the transcript or dialog screenplay. In addition, the movies or videos commentary may also be used for this so-called subtitling translation.

In case, no transcript is available nor the screenplay is not present as well, the subtitle translation may be conducted directly from the audio. Those ways are freely available thus, the subtitling rates may increase or reduce, depending on your utilization. Generally, subtitles are commonly expressed in text formats which include the .doc, .pdf, and the .txt.

Moreover, the srt. file format can also be considered when it comes to subtitling. The srt. format is the most widely used text format for subtitling. It can be easily incorporated in YouTube videos and are generally compatible with a wide range of video players software.

Furthermore, in such cases where the srt. format is the preferred one to use for subtitling, just consider additional 1 to 2 business days. This is for the purpose of complete synchronization of the subtitles with the videos. Additionally, this activity may also permit you to acquire a translation with high quality.