Topic: Japanese Travel Experience Self-Sufficiency

The self-sufficient Japanese travel experience will help visitors know more useful knowledge to make their trip more complete, especially for those who first set foot in Phu Tang. Please save and save when you need to take it out, it will be very practical and useful.

Self-sufficient Japanese travel experience from A to Z

The self-sufficient Japanese travel experience will help you save costs and know more things like: where to eat, where to go, visit places,...

Du lịch nhật bản tự túc

- Japan is an attractive tourist destination, but if you want to travel here you need to get a visa. Many people fear the possibility of getting a visa as well as being still vague about the application. Besides, the schedule to go to visit when traveling to Japan should also be carefully prepared.

- If you consult online or listen to rumors of many people around, you will think applying for a Japanese visa is extremely difficult. But if you know how to apply for a Japanese visa, you will find the steps are very simple.

The file includes:

- Passport valid for more than 6 months
- Proof of work
- Demonstrate financial
- Specific schedule and accommodation information

Cheap Japanese travel tickets

Air tickets to Japan fluctuate by 4,000,000 - 11,000,000 VND. Firms with low fares from about 4 million will often have to transit in a third country, making the flight time and schedule lengthened sometimes up to 1 day. Direct flight tickets are more expensive. If you want a cheap and cost-effective Japanese tour, you need to consider the time to buy tickets and need to book early 2, 3 months to get the best price.

Japanese currency

If the currency unit in our country is Vietnam dong (Vietnam dong), then in Japan, the yen is used. Therefore, before going on a Japanese tour, you should convert Vietnamese money into Japanese money in Vietnam. The exchange rate may change from day to day, but if you go to Japan and then change money, it will take an additional cost.

Tiền có giá trị sử dụng tại Nhật Bản

What is the means of transportation in Japan?

- The problem when traveling to Japan makes people worry and headaches often related to travel. If you go on a Japanese tour, then everything has been covered by the travel company, but if you go to self-sufficiency, you will not know what kind of destination you want to go to. How to go? What is the price? When I don't know Japanese well

- So for the most convenience, you can use the JR Pass All Japan "divine" card. With this card in hand, you are welcome to travel everywhere in Japan with all of JR's railways across Japan. This is also a self-sufficient Japanese travel experience that Gotravel wants to share to visitors.

- When moving in the inner city, you have to buy a subway or bus ticket, hardly anyone traveling by taxi because the cost is very expensive. Metro or bus 1 fare will be around 100,000-120,000 VND / card / person only. Extremely saving right?

Japanese travel experience self-sufficient to discover "light land"

The famous "Funeral Land" with the symbol of Mount Fuji. However, besides the beauty of nature preserved by people over the years, Japan also features modern architecture, unique buildings and colorful lights.


According to the self-sufficient Japanese travel experience of the previous people, if you want to shop, you should choose the seasons to get preferential in the months: (du lịch nhật bản mùa thu) 9, 11, 12, 1, ... Product prices Japan is quite expensive. Therefore you should consider when choosing a store.

Du lịch Nhật Bản tự túc tham quan địa danh nổi tiếng

This is the second busiest commercial center complex in Japan, gathering numerous brands from popular brands like GU, Uniqlo to "luxury" firms such as Louis Vuiton, Chanel, etc. No these are the fashion capital of Tokyo, but Ginza is also a Japanese cuisine and art area.

Tokyo Sky Tree

Tokyo Sky Tree is also a must-see destination when traveling to Japan (du lịch nhật bản). Here you can see the whole view of Tokyo when buying tickets to the 360-degree Observatory of Tokyo Sky Tree.

Namba and the "legendary" Dontobori channel

Here, you will be overwhelmed with many different fashion stores, where shopping concentrated with a series of bright neon signs. The most prominent is the legendary Glico (Glico man) sign, which is checked in and posted on the social networking sites.

Japanese tourism self-sufficient to enjoy famous cuisine

The experience of Japanese tourism of many people said that you should roam the streets or the night markets to have the opportunity to fully enjoy the delicious dishes. Coming to Japan, you have to try sushi right away, rice rolls are processed by native chefs. Japanese Sushi is prepared with fresh and carefully selected ingredients
Diverse Japanese cuisine conquers all senses because of its rich flavor, meticulous layout, sophistication, and will never disappoint.

Du lịch Nhật Bản tự túc thưởng thức ẩm thực trứ danh

Hopefully the share of Gotravel Japanese travel experience will help you to have a complete experience of Japanese culture and cuisine as well as Japanese landscape and people. If you need to buy a tour, please contact us immediately