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Hi people, please tell me what to do, the NBK app is not working in my phone, I have just started with the account.

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Hi dear, I can help you on this as I am using the app from long time, can you please let me know your device/ OS version, also if not then can you help me with the error message shown to you?

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i have Samsung GT-I7500. the messg is simpe-"Can't install App" on home screen

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Sadra Dehwar wrote:

I have Samsung GT-I7500. the message is simple-"Can't install App" on home screen

Basically, the app runs on the Android version of 4.4 or above & I suppose your model has Android 2.2.

What you can do to solve is:

1. Upgrade the OS - look at how it can be done here-

2. Even after that if it is not working you can clear few data on your mobile to increase the space of your mobile, look at how you can do here-

3. The third is you can upgrade your phone which supports the latest Android version.

After that you can easily download the app, as the app is light & easy to use from -

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Re: NBK app not working

Visit Fix Windows update error code 8007000e to get the required solution to make the apk get installed on your Android mobile.

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