Topic: Replacement for Outlook and Mail

I'm looking for something a little more meaty than just the Mail app as it's a bit boring.

I have access to Outlook, which would be great!  However, when sending mail, it sends " on behalf of" which I can't fix - I use as my actual address but send mail as another address.  Can do this on the web version with no problems, but the Outlook program affixes the old "on behalf of" and I can't seem to fix it.

Any other mail apps I should take a look at (free)?

Re: Replacement for Outlook and Mail

I guess, you might have two "SMTP" accounts, I don't use outlook (outlook program and outlook web) so can't tell you exactly where to look, but you should check the advance setting in SMTP, and delete the SMTP setting which you think is "

Re: Replacement for Outlook and Mail

What OS are you running?