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He came the big night. Eduardo and another partner, with two sexy waitresses were giving way to the guests as they arrived. Other kind ladies accompanied and indicated to them the places where they should sit. They all came as a bit happy, and some escaped her hand to the sumptuous buttocks of the girl who was passing by, who matched them with a smile or a wink.

And all seated dinner began. The dishes were parading, like the beauties walking with elegant gestures on the track, showing all its charms, hidden under the impish lingerie chosen for the event.The latest model, wearing a set of thong panties, bra, garter belt, stockings and black shoes, walked slowly, smiling, until the end of the track, where he stood, he let all those present contemplasen to pleasure their turgid However, roaring, whistling, and retired, presenting its appeal butt, her legs print, long and slender figure;

They spent the dinner and dessert, the dance floor was prepared by removing the tables, and the ladies that had previously been stripped naked, dressed out with very provocative clothing, to alternate and dance with the guests. Disco music, special lights, sensual atmosphere.
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