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Hello all,

Thought I would come to the best place for advice as I am at my wits end!

I need a good, full featured, video editing program. The main feature of it has to be absolutely no loss in picture or sound quality once the file has been modified and converted into a watchable AVI file.

I thought I found one in the form of WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe but it just won't do what its told. It supposedly has a crop function, where you can trim the edges of a file, and then, supposedly, you can make the resultant cropped file fill out the full resolution of what you want it to be in - with me it's mostly 4:3 as I work with old videos - but it doesn't work, despite all the options and settings combinations I have tried, I just can't get it to work for me.

I did get it to work once, and it was brilliant, and it had no loss of picture or sound quality whatsoever, so that's why I tried to stick with it and tried, to my frustration, to get it to work for other files like it did for the one I got to work but to no avail.

Does anyone else know of something similar to that program that I can get that will work? I have a crappy free one called XMedia Recode but it pixelates things like you can't imagine.

Any help and advice would be most appreciated.

From Sarah.

Re: Video Editing Software With No Quality Loss

Video Editing program? eh, I always use Kigo Video Converter. It can also clip the video based on time, add effects on the video, crop the video based on viewfinder and so on. I use a Mac. It can work on my PC perfectly. You can have a try.

Re: Video Editing Software With No Quality Loss

It is supposed that the Windows Movie Maker was preinstalled in your system. It’s the most convenient and easiest video editing program. It supports the functions of trimming and cropping. Actually, it won’t reduce too much picture or sound quality at least it’s okay for me. However, this program only provides WMV and MP4 as the output format. If you want more advanced functions, Online Video Converter (Apowersoft Ltd.) may be helpful to you. It’s totally free and comes with an editor that features many basic editing options like trimming, cropping, rotating and adding watermark. Hope it is helpful to you.

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Try Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, but both aren't available for free of cost, its little bit expensive.

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You can go for Filmora software.