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If you have an Android and a Mac, you may have the need to mirror Android to Mac. For example, you want to play your Android game on a bigger screen or to watch movies stored in Android on Mac. Luckily, there are two apps which can help you with it. You don’t need to root your device to use them.

1. Using AirMore – Reflect Android Screen to PC wirelessly

AirMore is a free web-based file transfer app. Most of the time, people use it to wirelessly transfer or manage mobile files on web. But it is also capable of displaying Android screen on Mac. But note that this way is only workable for Android 5.0 and higher. Here’s how to make it work:

  • Download the app on your Android from Google Play Store.

  • Open Safari, Chrome or Firefox on your Mac. Visit its official website and click “Launch AirMore Web to Connect” button. Then you will see a QR code. Use the app on your Android to scan it. You can also enter the code connection to get connected in case your camera is broken or the QR code doesn’t load successfully.

  • Once connected, you will see many icons. Find “Reflector” and click it. On your phone, tap “START NOW”. Then your phone screen will be mirrored to Mac in real time.

2. Using Vysor – Control Android from Mac via USB

Vysor[ is another app which can help you to share Android screen with Mac. But unlike the above method, this one requires a USB cable, and it only works for Google Chrome. Please follow the guide below:

  • Download Chrome browser and the Vysor Chrome app.

  • Enable USB debugging on your Android, and connect it to Mac with USB.

  • Run Vysor from the Chrome App Launcher and choose “Find Devices” to find your phone.

  • Select it and the app will start to mirror the Android screen to Mac. You can also control it with mouse and keyboard.

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Well, why don't use AirDroid, I think it is really helpful and effective.
You can use it to transfer files from your android device to pc, and from your pc to android device.
It also supports wireless data transfer.

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