Topic: Important Tips for User

1. Follow the Steps to Process on Computer
Some computer users do not follow the steps which were offered by the computer, when the dialog box pops up, they often click for a while. And then, problems happen. They may delete some files which are not needed to delete. So when users are operating the computer (no matter deletes a file or any other actions are taken), make sure to know clearly what the system remind you to do.
2. Don't Rename File Optionally
Many users sometimes like to rename the files or folders whatever they want, this also brings some troubles-a long time later, users will not remember what are the original names of the files or folders. This may also cause wrongly deletion. So, when users give a name to a file (or a folder), please give it a name which is related to the use of this file (or folder). For the Word document or Excel files which contents are modified regularly, name it with the date you modify it so that users can remember and won't delete it accidentally.
3. Backup is very Important
If the files are not taking up too much hard disk space, user can build a backup on the local hard disk (back it up on a different partition). If the files take too much space or the files are very important, back it up on other storage device or use cloud service to store them.
4. Do Not Store New Files before Recovering Lost Files
As long as the files are not being overwritten, chances of file recovery are still there. So, as I said above, don't put any new files into the drive which the lost files were stored before.
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Re: Important Tips for User

Thanks for your tips.