Topic: Application removal request: LogMeTT and TTLEditor

Please remove my software from your web site and please make sure it won't re-appear without my written permission.

Here are just few of the reasons that caused this request:

- You are redistributing the software without notifying the authors and copyright owners.
- The versions available from your website are outdated and contain bugs that have been fixed long time ago.
- Your video tutorials have no value - looks like the person presenting the tools neither knows how to use it, nor understands the purpose of the tool.
- You let people to rate applications without showing Cons and Pros, i.e. actual reasoning behind particular score.
- You misrepresent popularity of applications. Number off downloads from Your website is labeled as "Used by".  In case of LogMeTT your "Used by" shows 625, while the actual number of users recently exceeded 600,000.


Boris Maisuradze

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