Topic: UC browser has stepped into the PC market, will Dolphin catch up?

When the rapid development of the mobile Internet makes your sweat fade gradually, looking back, perhaps the mobile development is only the prelude to a new war, cross-screen management, escaping from the Red Sea is the true content of this war.
Not long ago, UC launched PC version,officially fired "corner overtaking war" from a mobile terminal extending to the PC terminal.UC president said, "UC browser next year's goal is to achieve the television industry's first browser, PC browser step into the first camp."
Dolphin is always looking for ways to innovate, grow, and create the best product for its users. Facing the tough competition in mobile browser market, Dolphin always keeps moving forward:
Dolphin Connect Extension: Dolphin Connect is a cloud service that allows your to sync browsing content across your smartphone, computer and tablet.
Now, Dolphin is considering stepping into the PC market, so Would you like to see a Dolphin desktop browser?