Topic: DriverUpdaterPro by oTweak Software : Never buy this product !

I've purchased and installed this product.  15 pilots were downloaded but couldn't be installed.
1st message : " this package requires AMD Catalyst Install Manager please obtain and install this package from I 've been on to do so : but NO RESULT !!
Other pilots :
No installer software in the folder.....

John Shirley (Hotline Otweak)
We have looked at your scan logs. The provided drivers are fully compatible with your hardware and operating system. You need to install the drivers correctly. Please read our FAQ: Often, before installing the driver update, you must first delete the previous version from the system.

Me :
You DID NOT answer to my first question regarding ..... your installation package aborts !!
You DID NOT answer to my second question....
NO INSTALLATION SOFTWARE in the folders of each driver found to be updated !!!
You should provide an installation software able to uninstall if needed and install the up-to-date drivers !!! It is the first time I purchase a software which gives a list with no installation exec program and a so-called solution somewhere in FAQ .... !!!
Please send me a complete SIMPLE PROCEDURE with executable for the 15 drivers full and clean installation !!! And I will not take the risk to remove a driver from my system with no guarantee at all that the installation of the updated one will succeed !!!

John Shirley (Hotline Otweak)
Unfortunately, we cannot remotely assist you with installing the drivers. We can only confirm that the provided drivers are fully compatible with your hardware and operating system. The problem may be caused by the incompatibility of certain hardware components or incorrect OS settings

Me :
Ah ? You said my system was fully compatible and now it is not as compatible as you supposed it to be ???