Microsoft Outlook is one of the most commonly used desktop email clients that was initially designed for Windows users to manage the information. It contains all items like emails, contacts, calendars, etc., which can manage each data in an efficient way.  Among all, Mac Outlook 2011 might pop up an error code 17199 while sending all emails. Therefore, in this blog, we are going to discuss all manual tricks to resolve Outlook Mac error code 17199 in a secure manner.

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If PDF files get deleted, lost without saving, or corrupted, you can find solutions here. This article includes the best help you restore PDF:

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Sometimes, many people want to switch their email client from Outlook Express to MS Outlook. if you one of them then you are in the right place. We’ll provide you the best possible solutions to convert DBX to PST file format.

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This blog will give knowledge about all the possible native solutions to repair the corrupt and inaccessible Outlook files.

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Through this write up you will better understand the common reason for Database corruption in SQL Server and the best third party tool to fix corrupt SQL Server Database corruptions.

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PDF (Portable Document Format) file is a very popular and smart way of sharing and publishing documents.PDF also provides us with security and limited editing options so that the document could be shared without unnecessary concerns regarding data loss. But like many other files, PDF is also prone to damage and corruption issues. In this article, we are going to discuss some common and easy ways to repair a corrupt PDF file.


Windows creates a backup file that is stored in a BKF file format. The reason for creating a backup is that, if the user switches from one operating system to another then he can restore the data from the backup files. But what will you do if your backup files get corrupted? Don’t worry, I have given the best ways for how to repair BKF files in this write up.


If an Excel file is unavailable due to corruption you should try your best to defend your data from being lost due to corruption. In this article, I have given the best and the easiest possible methods to repair Repair the Excel files manually, without the help of any 3rd party tool.

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In this write up it explains well-tested techniques to repair ZIP File Errors & Issues Commonly faced by the users. It elaborates procedures to recover the ZIP file and you'll be able to understand the fundamentals and comprehensive information to resolve the issues manually.

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This post will help you understand the common reasons behind MS Access database corruption. Also, you’ll find the best solutions to repair corrupt Access database by using specialized Access Repair methods.

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Exactly like any other file, the SQL database file is also likely to corrupt. Furthermore, due to this, you may suffer your data. In this blog post, we’ll discover how to repair MDF files.


FAT Recovery tool recovers files and folders from Computer and Laptop hard drives after accidental deletion or disk formats. Undelete and restore missing files from previously existing hard drive partitions.


If you use Gmail you might notice yourself running low on storage space. So how do I free up some space? Here are some tips for clearing out a notable amount of storage in your Gmail account.

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This problem-solving blog is designed to instruct you on how to repair corrupt OST file. Using the achievable suggested ways, you can easily repair a corrupt OST File. Click on Read to know more.

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If you are an Outlook user and annoyed with the difficulty of a huge size PST file? Viewing for a way to split the PST list by date If your response is fine, then you are on the correct blog. In this write up we gave the best and the easiest methods to split the PST file into smaller parts.

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This Best MySql database  Recovery Toolbox is a manageable and powerful tool for recovering data from corrupted MySQL server databases. The MySql database recovery tool recovers databases in the MyISAM format and either keep the data to disk as SQL scripts or exports it directly to the MySQL server.

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MS SQL Server is one of the most popular databases that provides excellent reliability and advanced internal structure. However, just as the user above, you may face SQL database corruption occurred from virus infection, operating system failure, corrupt file system, etc., When the problem occurs, how to repair the MDF or NDF files in SQL database, and how to recover the deleted records from MDF file Here is Advanced MDF recovery tool, professional database repair software to repair corrupt MDF & NDF SQL server database and resolve all types of SQL database repair problems.

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In this post, I will give you a Freeware SQLite reader tool To Preview Sqlite DB Files. We can search & view Sqlite DB files without any size limitation. It provides recovery of data from Journal files as well.


The MDB Reader tool provided by DataBaseFileRecovery is one of the best MDB AND ACCDB file viewer tools for the Microsoft Access database. By this software, you can read Access database files without Microsoft Access.


There are various standard explications are available in the Online market like free methods and paid service but in terms of productivity, they are thoughtless or ineffective. So, do not waste money on a paid solution here I will give you the best and free manual solution to convert OST to PST. I highly recommend this method to convert OST file into PST File formats.

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There is not much information available online to Outlook OST data directly to a Gmail account. To export Outlook.ost to Gmail there need to be effective methods inducted. Therefore, in this post, the top ways for how to migrate Outlook.ost file into the Gmail account is discussed here.

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If you sign your emails the same way most of the time, you can create signatures in Outlook that you can attach to your emails. Here's I will give you some manual tips on how to create a signature in Outlook 2013 in quick steps.

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Once the SQLite file has been installed on your device you can preview all SQLite files on your computer. The components that are supported include; tables, indexes, views, triggers, and columns. It has the ability to open even the corrupted SQLite files.


Looking for a way to recover a password for an Outlook PST file? I recently tried to load up an old PST file that I used at my previous company many years ago but realized it had a password set on it. I tried every password I had ever used, but nothing worked. Then I have seen this article this is a lifesaver for who want to bypass the PST password Read this if you also want to retrieve the PST file protection.

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It is a common issue to see emails getting stuck in outbox on outlook without it getting across to its recipient at the other end. While it might be frustrating to deal with, it is also a very common peculiarity in emailing.
In this article, we gave some common causes of mails not sending on outlook and some feasible solutions in grabbing these issues.

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