Dear David, your software version has been updated. We are sorry for the delay.

Dear David, we are sorry for the delay. Your software has been updated to the latest version at the moment - 5.52. You can check it on its page

Thank you for being so attentive to details. This has been fixed.

Paolo Righetto wrote:

Hi all.
The update of Firefox for Windows 64 bit to the version 59.0.1 is not detected and version 58 is considered by Software Informer as up-to-date.
If I hadn't opened Firefox, I wouldn't have noticed the update that, fortunately, is done by Firefox automatically.

Link to Software Informer windows:!Asw5LZM9KlkkjKtL8js36dSeog4EYg
Link to Firefox info windows:!Asw5LZM9KlkkjKtKCn-Jdqo1wp6VDQ

Love Bdsobuj wrote:

Thanks to all I found this way...

Is it okay, at all...?

Dear Developer,

Yes, this is the right way to submit your applications.

Dear Sir/Madam,

You can ask your question to our team directly from page. Our managers will be glad to answer your questions.

Best Regards,

matt wrote:

still crashing

31 July 2017

Dear Matt,

Please follow the instructions in the email we've sent you and report of the result:
whether the client works fine or still crashes. In the latter case send us the new crash report.

Dear Bauhaus,

Sadly, we cannot help you with this request. Please try contacting the developers of the product.

DeepakNair wrote:

Easy Billing 2017, Beta version 4.3
I am Deepak. I found myself interested in software developing, but I was not able to achieve as I expected. As my dream overcomes my limitations, I was able to create a program which focus to make billing on simple Accounting process easier for small scale industries. Apart from other software available on the market, this software follows a simple database system(quick loading). Anyone can use this software. I hope this software can be used like a mobile App.

I expect this Software will help me change my career, for which I need you kindly support or opportunity to prove myself.

Dear Developer,
Please consult this instruction upon the matter Hope this helps

Mukhtar Idris wrote:

Some software requires products activation key to fully work, we would be grateful if they are also included on downloads

Dear Mukhtar,

The Software Informer site provides downloads only for free and trial software. Programs that require keys for full functionality should be bought from developers.

Dear Forumers,

Thank you for being with us this year! We appreciate your contributions to the projects improvement. Now is the time for celebrations. So, in the light of the upcoming holidays we want to wish you all happiness, prosperity, and breathtaking discoveries!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Tobias wrote:

Well if you get me a debug build with some more error logging from your dev-team, i am willing to test it.


Dear Tobias,

We need a bit more detailed info from your side.

Here is the instruction to follow:

1) Install Process Explorer (
2) Open the program
3) Go to Properties
4) Open the Threads tab
5) Check the info in the TID column.
6) Write down the number of the thread (or numbers of the threads) that use CPU

Please see the screenshot:

Also we need the Dump of the process from the Process Manager.
To create it, please do the following:
1) Open the Process Manger
2) Find the Software Informer process
3) Open Right Mouse Button menu
4) Choose Create Dump file
5) When it is created, you will get informed where it has been saved to.

Please see the screenshot:

Please send the Dump file and the Thread numbers to

Tobias wrote:

Same problem here. Windows 10 64bit Pro... One Desktop that got an upgrade from Windows 7 works like a charm. The Laptop with Windows 10 64bit Pro just stalls... Lots of CPU load. All TCP connections time-out... In fact the xml files and cache under AppData\Roaming\Software Informer does not seem to properly initialize.
The working machine immediately fills the cache folder.. Nothing happens on the non-working one. Tried everything. Uninstall, Reinstall, Clean Registry e.t.c. Even copying the Roaming Data from PC to Laptop did not help. Nothing obviously wrong with the Dependency Walker either. This drives me nuts, but i have already wasted a full day previous spare-time on this, so I give up and install PSI as an alternative for the moment.
I wonder how many people face this issue.
It's really odd that it works with the old Desktop which has lots of "history" and the brand new fresh from the shop machine fails... Some dodgy unfulfilled dependency in the rats-nest of DLLs or some new default network firewall proxy permission setting?! ANNOYING.
Disabling windows firewall didn't help either btw.

P.S.: Oh i just realized this thread was started over 2years ago... Ah well i guess nobody is interested anymore, but the problem is still there and you get it on a brand new Windows 10 Laptop as well..  Share & Enjoy!

Dear Tobias,

Sadly, the described error didn't reappear on our testing machines. Still, Software Client is being supported and we will continue to look for the solution for this error.

kathyrose wrote:

Please give me solution, How do i submit my software?

I have many software like:

Exchange Recovery
Exchange Mailbox to PST
Exchange OST Recovery
Outlook PST Repair
Merge PST Files
OST File Viewer
PST File Viewer
EDB File Viewer

Please help me.......

Dear Developer,
Please consult this instruction upon the matter Hope this helps

M2O Gaming Network wrote:

I am new to this any help would be appreciated  smile

Dear Developer,

Please consult this instruction upon the matter Hope this helps.

Sandra wrote:

I would like to delete my account. How do I do this?

Dear Sandra,

Please contact the Software Informer site support team via if you want to delete your SI account.

matt wrote:

It now loads on Sierra, but I still get the crash whilst scanning. See post 11 above.

Thank you for the feedback! Our technicians will look into the issue.

Please try asking your question at

Fuyun Ling wrote:

But I cannot find the information of the developer.

Nova Vozrak wrote:

Dear Fuyun,

Please try contacting the actual developers of the app or ask your question at

Fuyun Ling wrote:

I am using the California DMV Permit exams Apps for Android.  It is pretty good.  However, I did find a couple mistakes in the answer.  Is there anyway I can report so they will not misled others?

Dear Users,

A new release of Mac Informer has be launched. This version is compatible with OS Sierra 10.12. It should work flawlessly.

Dear Fuyun,

Please try contacting the actual developers of the app or ask your question at

Fuyun Ling wrote:

I am using the California DMV Permit exams Apps for Android.  It is pretty good.  However, I did find a couple mistakes in the answer.  Is there anyway I can report so they will not misled others?

Dear Heather,

Please try installing the latest SI Client version: Please use the Install button from the client interface after You have downloaded BubbleWorld. It should work flawlessly. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you face any further difficulties.

Heather Turnbull wrote:

I am having problems with Bubble Worlds. It downloads but when I open it, it says it's stopped. I have reported problem endlessly but nothing has been done.

Diablo wrote:

I can't exactly see the pic (403 error) but I do know the cross you're referring to.  I want to say that I used to use that cross and it was working.  But, lately, there is an app (Focus Booster) that I can't seem to get to stop bugging me.  After hitting the X, the next day it is right back in the update list after the nightly scan.  This has been going on for a couple weeks now.  In fact, if I click the X's and then run the scan, it immediately shows up.

Dear Diablo,

Please try going to your profile page: choose Updates from the left-side list, then find the program and go to Settings below the title and short update description. In the opened menu choose Hide this program.

Dear User,

The new version of the client lacks this functionality, but you can hide the offered update by clicking on the cross in the upper right corner of the notification. Please see the screenshot:

Diablo wrote:

I'm using SI version 1.5.1321.  Is there any way to disable the update notification for a specific app in the SI client?  I seem to remember having that ability in the earlier version.  By "disable", I mean simply NOT showing up in the client list window at the top when it does it's query for updates.

Dear Matt,

Our technicians are working upon the described issue. Sadly, it takes time, but it is not forgotten and the work is in process.

Thank you for helping us make our app better!

matt wrote:

Any update on this? I'm so close to uninstalling the app.

matt wrote:

When I updated my existing app.

Thank you for the info, we will check this out.

matt wrote:

all info is correct

but wrong app is downloaded

using MI 0.6.3

Dear matt,

Would you kindly clarify: is the wrong app downloaded when you try to update the installed software or when you download it for the first time?