I've got one idea. Let us know about freeware or shareware or trial or demo to all kind software in this site.
For an example:
VLC media player
***** 929
Developer VideoLAN Team Users 215 257

DivX Converter
***** 150
Developer DivX, Inc. Users 101 188

This small thing, can make the bigger thing.
Thinks for that!.


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This is a good site for newbie and expert to sharing any ideas and experiences. Sharing for good. Keep it up and stay cool.

I have one suggestion for moderator. Display the web rules, actions and reactions for user or member to understand more about any activities in this site.

Reply for good! wink

Commonly I'm use the notepad.exe to open the language file [ *.lng ]
BUT there a must be got easy way to translate it.
My question is what and how could it be easy way for me? smile
Sorry for my poor English.