No you don't need a codec to play game, codecs are mostly used for watching a specific media. What might be the problem is your other PC might be better than your home pc.


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I just joined this site and I personally think its secure I still need to get use to they're software and site, but they tell you up front what information they will take from you thats if you allowed them to but if you don't feel safe and think you are at risk use Filehippo UpdateChecker a similar program but they're updates are more really essential updates which I think you might want. I think the SiClient is a bit complicated for end users.

Apple Software Updater is junk just trying to get you to use Apple software, its not necessarily to have it on your PC even during the installation you can click on a radio button telling the application not to install the Apple Software Updater but it does it anyways just ignore it.

Something is wrong with actual printer dear, one of the components inside the printer is bad, and depending on what kinda printer you have whether the fuser might go bad or something is wearing out you might want to have it looked at by a technician or just purchase a new printer, It might be cheaper.


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Hi I'm a new member! I just found out this site and I'm loving it. The SiClient software is great big_smile


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I use to use the filehippo Update Checker but I just started using the siClient and its a lot better. It has a larger range of programs and has a better GUI thats what I love about it. The only reason I choose these two because these are the only sites I know that provide this sort of service. I'm really glad I just stumbled across this site smile