cathy tedford wrote:


I am not sure if I am in the right web site to get some information.

I have recently lost my disc cleanup from my computer.

I have tried system restore and nothing works,

I was wondering if anyone knows a site that is free and reliable
not a fake or something that might ad spyware or other bugs to my system.

I really do not want to have to take my pc away just for that. it just disappeared, weird. any helpful information would be grateful. Will I have to have windows xp reloaded in to my system. I came across a web site that said it could do that,but not sure what or who to trust.



Dear Cathy,

I just checked out WISE DISC CLEANER and it is not "FREE". It is Shareware. It is a very aggressive programme and would not be much help to you as far as the Trial version goes. I would not recommend it at all based on everything I've read and seen (Screenshots) of it.

You do not say which Programme/Application your were using *before* you "lost your disc clean-up" programme. sad That would have been helpful to know. smile

Can't say that I truly know what problems you are trying to rescue given that you say that you "don't want to take my pc away just for that". Can you please be more specific? smile

Have you tried the following?:

Windows own Install Clean Up utility




Please make another Windows System Restore *before* you install any new application no matter which
programmes you decide to use.

There are literally hundreds of System Cleaners out there, most of which are Shareware. Choosing the correct application for what you require is entirely a personal one, of course but I would recommend going easy on whatever issues you are having with your computer before using a heavy duty programme that could make things worse rather than better.

Sorry I can't provide you with a better answer, wish I could. smile

Kindest regards,


Paul wrote:

Looking at the remove program list I see many updates. My questions is can I remove these files now that the updates have been installed?

Dear Paul,

If you are referring to your Add Remove list of Windows Updates, critical patches, the short answer is that this would not be a good move on your part.

The longer answer is that the list of these updates of critical patches and Windows programme updates are specific to your own Operating System and the caveat is a simple one: unless you really know exactly what you are doing, don't do  it.

It can be done, but that assumes you know which of these updates are still necessary to the proper functioning of your computer and not taking for granted that by simply removing the "old" ones you will be doing yourself a favour by freeing up some real estate on your hard drive. Leave them alone.

Whatever you decide, Paul, it can't be said often enough: do a Restore Point, back up your System Folder (C:\Windows]

On the other hand, if you are referring to Programmes/Applications you no longer use, you have a few choices in that regard:





All of which are FREE for home users.

The biggest problem for most computer users is not enough RAM. Today's computers never have enough RAM.
You probably know all that, so I hope I haven't misunderstood your question.

Kindest regards,


Question: Which firewall software do you use?

Answer: Over decades of using my computer I have pretty well tried and used most all of the most highly recommended FIREWALLS out there.

I'm on my 4th computer and I am here to tell you that the single and only Firewall that anybody actually *needs* is Windows very own Firewall.

Yes, I can hear the noise coming down the pipeline telling me that Windows own Firewall is insufficient to protect one from all sorts of horrible things happening unless I use one of the others, but please keep in mind that programmes like ZONE ALARM et al are the cat's pajamas.

Think again.

Companies are interested in only one thing and that is to convince you that you need more *protection* than is reasonable or necessary. Wonder why? Does the sound of money sound familiar?

The one thing nobody, but nobody, ought to do is to be using two (2) Firewalls at the same time. Bad news. Save yourself both time and money and frustration and get your Windows Firewall working because it is all that you *need*.

What you do absolutely need are a couple of other programmes:

1) Anti-virus programme kept up-to-date. [AVAST! is both FREE for the Home user, and effective!]

2) A couple of very good Anti-spyware programmes and keep those two up-to-date: I use both SUPER ANTISPYWARE PRO and MALWAREBYTES PRO.

I also make sure to run TREND MICRO HOUSECALL at least once a month just to keep AVAST! *honest.*

And, if I'm still feeling *insecure* I go over to GIBSON RESEARCH [GRC]  and run SHIELDS UP to comfort myself that my computer is in *Stealth Mode* which it is.

There are no Firewalls that can keep any computer user 100% safe from anything as long as there are people out there who are bound and determined to crack anybody's system.

The *only* safe computer is one that has never been turned on.

So, save your money, save your poor head, and turn on Windows Firewall.



I don't think its all right. I also say that it can be annoying at some times but there are people too lazy to update their software manually and they need it.

I personally update it manually but i just check which new version is available.

You can just  turn about notifications off by by selecting do not notify.

This is what is referred to as a Senior Moment...I had actually totally forgotten, Caramelka, that I had even tried SOFTWARE INFORMER let alone that I had joined the SI FORUM or even posted anything until tonight. Oh dear. sad

You are, of course, correct when you state that some people are just "too lazy to update their software", although I might not have put it quite that way. (grin) I have spent more time whilst using all the computers I've owned beginning with DOS way back when, all the way through every evolution of of every Windows O/S up to but not including Windows Vista. It has been a longstanding joke with me that "I work for Microsoft" and am "slave to my computer " rather than the other way around. And, that includes every application/programme, which numbers in the several hundreds, I've tried and/or worked with.

My principle has been a simple one: if the learning curve is too steep, get rid of it. I'll probably never use it since I have better things to do with my life than spend more time and patience than I have to get a programme to work for me in the way that *my brain works* and not the Programmer's.  What works for one is not necessarily a good one for somebody else whose brain is organized in a different way than mine.

What is critical to every computer user is to maintain their Operating Systems up-to-date and that means making certain that all of their patches and security applications are to the day and in some cases to the hour.

SOFTWARE INFORMER is a *useful* application but it is only as good as the person using the application to make critical decisions as to which programmes apply to their individual cases. No two computer set-ups are precisely the same and no two computer users are going to use their computers in precisely the same way.

I use FIREFOX and only rarely use Windows I.E. but that doesn't mean I neglect to auto download the monthly Tuesday patches and updates, or keep my Avast! anti-virus up-to-the-minute, or my anti-spyware programmes up to date either.  Stat for all the other programmes on my computer which I use on a daily basis. I run a tight ship.

Yet despite all of my experience I still call myself a NOVICE computer user. Every single day that I boot up, I am learning new things and new ways to use this little tool called a computer.

Kindest regards,


Hello Caramelka,

You answered a question regarding instructions for using SI CLIENT which is fine as far as it goes. Thank you, I think. wink

But, is there not a printable version of the SI CLIENT without having to keep going back to the web site for a simpler and more user friendly method of learning all the things this application does and how to use each of the modules? I've looked at all of them and it just leaves me breathless which isn't much "help" if I have to keep jumping through hoops to get the answers I require on an "as needed" basis.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Kindest regards,



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Hello, smile

I hate being a "Newbie" when I'm actually an "Oldbie" at least as far as all things PC goes. However, for the purposes of the SI FORUM I am definitely squeaky new and I apologize if I may be posting in the wrong topic but I am thoroughly confused and just maybe somebody can unconfuse me.

Can somebody please  tell me what is the difference between:

Software Informer

and the

SI Client?

Are they two separate applications or the same things under different names? That is the question.
I have downloaded and installed Software Informer which I think is the actual application
listed on the Home page.

That leaves the  SI Client. hmm

Kindest regards from The Great White North,


I only just began using this utility and I'm darned if I know just what use it is.

I have a whole list of things that SI claims that need updating, and I have tried a number of them so far. Since my computer isn't broken by the experience - yet - I hope I've done the correct thing. I won't know for certain until my computer crashes or does other bizarre behaviour.

Personally, I find the whole thing utterly confusing.

My list as per SI contains programmes that I have no intention of updating since these are applications I already hold a license for and have no intention of going to what I know is available as an upgrade. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

I've never been wild about applications that work silently behind the scenes, as does SI. SI may be intuitive, but it is hardly informative. For that, I am not pleased. :0/

By example, SI informs me that Internet Explorer 8 is available, given I am in IE7, and I know that IE8 is out there. Windows Update tells me so. If I wanted it, I simply use Windows Update. Why would I need SI for this?
I don't, but I can't rid of SI's telling me so. The same would apply for any patches Microsoft issues to me on every Tuesday of the month. Arf. I don't believe that SI should be messing around with Windows at all! Every computer is different and no two people use their computers in the same way. sad

It has been a longstanding habit with me, after 15 years of using a P.C., to update my Applications directly form whichever application is on my H.D. myself. So, what does SI do that I can't do by myself? That's the question.

SI lists a whole slew of JREs which say are out of date. Really? When I followed the link, I was presented with an overhwelming list of choices which only serves to confuse even further. Barf. sad

It goes like that. I have a hunch that this utility is incomplete and could cause more harm than good.

Thank you.