Krystn wrote:

Hello. I'm sorry, I was trying to download a digital diary but I accidentally signed up for this account so I was hoping if you could please delete my account on Software Informer please. Thank you so much.


Dtan wrote:

Please delete my account and all program information.  thanks


Now the link is working. Sorry for inconvenience.

Fixed. Thank you for report!

Guest wrote:

Please delete my account including the list with installed software: guest account 3617405.


Is it developing the Software Informer site itself that is on your mind, or are you asking how you could add your own program to the site and thus become listed among other developers?

You account has been deleted successfully.

i can delete it if you want

Just press refresh button in your siClient


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Do you mean Software Informer account? I can delete it if you need.

Dear Chris!

All programs (except YouTube HD Transfer) will be marked as "dead" with reason "discontinued by the developer".

Perhaps your firewall blocked internet connection for SI client.

As well as I understand you want to open SI client links in IE8 browser, not Firefox, which is your default browser. Unfortunately we can no resolve this issue as SI client uses the default browser.  neutral

I found this solution on Microsoft web-site:

How do I make Internet Explorer my default web browser?

Click on Tools from the toolbar in Internet Explorer 8 and select Internet Options. Then select the Programs tab from the top of the window to access the default browser settings. You can even choose to be alerted if Internet Explorer is not your default browser. Click OK to save your changes.

Please use Suggest a correction link

daniel wrote:

i want to download software : My Ecodial L

I think you should read it

Is it possible to download the latest version of My Ecodial L for free?

The best way to get My Ecodial L is to get in contact with your local Schneider-Electric sales agency.

I think there is no download link on developer's web-site because this software is commercial.
Please use "Contact us" page
I hope it helps.

Daily Activist wrote:

I have Windows 7 64 Bit.  Software Informer does not recognize my 64 bit applications, though it does recognize the 32 bit applications.  Is there a 64 bit version of Software Informer?

We are working on it.

Avinash wrote:


These is avinash can You help me about activation my account I can't active my account.

Your account has been already activated.

Sorry, it was a bug, you can use this link

Sorry, we don't have a download link for UNLIMITED EXCLUSIVE PROXY RENTAL yet, but you can find it using Google.

Just before the Black Hat security conference begins, Google has patched seven secuity holes in its stable version of Chrome and begun an effort to speed up the software industry's response to such vulnerabilities.

Google paid two $1,337 bounties for work that let Chrome avoid critical security problems by sidestepping vulnerabilities in Windows and the widely used glibc software library, according to a Monday blog post about Chrome 5.0.375.125 by Jason Kersey of Google's Chrome team.

Also through its program to reward those who find Chrome security holes, Google paid those who found three high-risk vulnerabilities and one medium-risk vulnerability. The final issue, a low-risk problem, elicited no payment.

For more on this story, see Google fixes Chrome holes, seeks security reform on CNET News.

Dear, josanur!

We have deleted your second account registered with the g-mail address.
Now all you need to do, is enter your first account, and change the e-mail address in the settings tab

Hello, Jckinnick!

Software Informer and SI client are the same things. SI is the abbreviation of the Software Informer.

Fixed.  wink

Sorry, but you cannot log in your SI client with FB account. This feature available on the SI site only.