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I have a Nokia phone 2730 Classic, and had installed Nokia Suite on my old computer. When I bought a new computer I downloaded Nokia Suite on to my new computer. When checking all programmes installed on the new computer I found a programmed called: " Windows driver package Nokia PCCSMCFD legacy driver". The size of the programme is 2.5gb. I have no idea how or where this programme came fron! It did not download with Nokia Suite, as I have a 1gb limit per month, and would not download. Any help would be apprciated.

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Hi Friend.

Do not panick, as we have now seen few PCs where WIndows -> Control Panel -> Add and Remove Programs informs incorrectly the driver size. Actually driver size is less than 30 KB.

- Don't worry about incorrect information provided by "Add and Remove Programs" in Windows

- Don't uninstall this driver, because it doesn't really take more than 30 KB disk space.

In case you still find any difficulties, please check the following path on your system, & check the size for the following file:

C:\WINDOWS\system32\DRVSTORE\ you will find a folder stating "pccsmcfd_52F0DFAA648E25523CF0EE10FEDF6AC712ED34DB". just check the files in that & it will give you the list of files there with the size which is not more than 27.0KB for me atleast. Alos please do not uninstall it by any chance, as this is a driver required by Nokia PC Suite, if phone is in wrong USB mode and Nokia Suite uses that to change phone to correct USB mode.
Driver size is actually about 30 KB. For some reason, Windows seem to show the driver size wrongly.

Hope this helps. Cheers smile
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