Topic: Is this website just another ripoff?

Signed up. Why? Because when I tried downloading freeware, I actually jhave not been able to download anything except White Smoke which I absolutely despise and owned it at one time.

Perhaps if I become a member-maybe this iswhat I need todo to be able to download freeware from this site and you not what happened? The same exact thing that happened before signing up-I can download software I do not and donot want to pay for it-but what is actually advertised on this wenbsite is false as this goes to the point of ewverything-anyone know who started this company? Obviously delivering whatispromised ismnota priority with this company and they exist forone thing-to get hyour money and mine.

Seems integrity is not a strong point for this company and those who run it.

Re: Is this website just another ripoff?

Hy Dave,

How about some specifics on your problem?
Im sure you notice, but SI is a software library. The freeware (and commercial) software is not from SI, they just link to it ;-)