Topic: There's no answers because you can't leave an answer.

In your "Latest Questions" section on the Mac side, I spent 5 minutes answering someone's question and when I clicked the submit button nothing happened. WTF?

Why should anyone bother trying to help when you haven't bothered to troubleshoot your site? I noticed that there are 0 questions answered (stupid questions) out of all questions asked. That's probably why right?

There's no answers because you can't  leave an answer. Maybe that's also why there's only about 20 members on the Mac side. I'll save my reply to a notebook and try to leave it next week.

(if anyone reads any of this.)


Re: There's no answers because you can't leave an answer.

Guess we're to blame the stupid questions for no one's noticing it. )
This said, though, I've managed to leave a reply just now - maybe it's already been fixed?

Re: There's no answers because you can't leave an answer.

I guess I don't understand your answer. Did you fix it?

I had some other weird things happening on the site, like when I was logged in the system said I had no software in my library because I wasn't using the MacInformer software. But when I logged out, it showed my whole collection but talked about me in the third person.

It seemed like a cookie problem so I checked it out and there were at least 20 cookies from a number of subdomains at, plus 5 facebook cookies that looked like they were placed from this site.

I was then able to answer questions in the Q&A section.

However, something doesn't seem quite kosher with this site and it's terribly lacking updates library. Especially since that seems like what this place is supposed to provide.

I think I'm going to pack up and get the hell out of here.

Too weird.

Re: There's no answers because you can't leave an answer.

Er, no, I was just saying I'd checked it and it appeared to have been fixed somewhere in between your message and mine. Which, in turn, would imply that someone actually does read all this. )

I too feel a bit uncomfortable with all this fancy 'social' stuff (get off me lawn, Facebookery!), but there's no escaping it anywhere nowadays. Hope it doesn't sprawl out into something more hideous than that single 'Like' button. Pretty please?