Topic: abnormal acts after re-install mac informer

originally I use mac informer under application directory function well, but I decided change mac informer to another tool directory before system do the upgrade put it at the original directory not the one I moved.  So I decide to remove the OLD version.  And put the NEW update back to the directory I want.   Since then, problem happened, once I start the mac.informer then crush (window disappear)... I try many times and even reboot then re-install. still cannot function normal... today I re-try again after uninstall/reboot/install... system crush twice only during my registration... now registration done finally but mac informer occupied high CPU always even will make my macbook pro temp to 77C... what I did wrong? what should I do?  I use informer on many win7 system for long time never have this ever, anyone can help me?