Topic: Develop our own Android Apps?

If we want to develop our own Android Apps, what is the easiest way to do it? Is there a possibility that we as users can customize apps?

Re: Develop our own Android Apps?

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Re: Develop our own Android Apps?

Hi, it is impressive to see that you are eager to develop your own mobile app but if you want to develop a professional app that is customized with all your features and needs, then it is better to hire an expert mobile app developer who have ton of experience and expertise in the field of mobile app development.

Re: Develop our own Android Apps?

Build Your First Android App

Install Android Studio.
Task: Create your first project.
Step 1: Create a new project.
Step 2: Get your screen set up.
Step 3: Explore the project structure and layout.
Step 4: Create a virtual device (emulator)
Step 5: Run your app on your new emulator.

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