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I updated my dragon assistant like it said it needed after only using it for a few hours. and when it was done something went completely wrong somewhere I am guessing with the update and it completely messed my everything up. it was working fine until I done I the update and now it wont open and it says it cant be found and that it was never installed on my laptop which is crap cause it was working great until it updated itself and then it went to shit and I cant use it. I paid a whole hell a lot of money for this Lenovo and ill be just a little mad if I have to pay for this software to be installed when it was already there and working good until it updated. how can I get my dragon assistant reinstalled on my Lenovo yoga pro 3 with windows 8.1.

Re: dragon assistant update

Dragon Assistant leverages the power of Nuance’s speech recognition technology, offering you the freedom and flexibility to control many desktop applications using your voice. With Dragon Assistant, simply speak commands to search the web, post updates to your social networks, check email, and more. Dragon Assistant turns the power of talk into action. LEARN MORE

Running Dragon Assistant for the first time

If your PC came with Dragon Assistant software preinstalled you can locate it by going to the Windows 8 start screen and typing Dragon Assistant the selecting the Dragon Assistant application. The first time you run the application you will need to connect to the internet to begin installing the application. Once the application has finished installing you will be prompted to test your speakers, microphone and then provide a user name. After this initial configuration you will be prompted to train Dragon Assistant speech recognition engine and then select privacy settings.

Once the initial setup is completed Dragon Assistant is woken up by verbally speaking "Hello Dragon" then issuing a command

Additional configuration and help

If further configuration is needed you can right click on the Dragon Assistant icon in the taskbar and selecting Settings Panel.

If further instructions are needed on using the Dragon Assistant software right click on the Dragon assistant icon in the task bar and selecting Quick Start Guide

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