Topic: Migrating IMAP to Office 365 using EdbMails application

EdbMails IMAP Migration tool easily handles IMAP to Office 365 migration. You can performs the migration operation without losing any information. All you have to do is that connect the source and the target server using appropriate credentials.

Why to choose EdbMaills for migrating IMAP servers?

•    Compatible with all the IMAP servers
•    Directly migrates mail items from IMAP server  to target mailbox.
•    Supports incremental migration thereby it avoids duplicate items on the target server
•    Advanced filter settings to migrate particular items
•    Automatically maps the source mailboxes with the target mailboxes
•    Migrates multiple G suite at once to Office 365
•    Maintains original folder hierarchy
•    Simple and user-friendly interface
•    Free Demo version to verify all the features
•    24/7 Technical support and software upgrades at free of cost.

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Re: Migrating IMAP to Office 365 using EdbMails application

Step 1: Find the full name of your current email server
Get the name of your source email server using Outlook on the web
Open your mailbox in Outlook on the web.

On the toolbar, choose Settings Microsoft 365 or Office 365 Settings button.

In the Search all settings box, start typing "pop", and in the results, select **POP and IMAP.

In POP and IMAP settings, your IMAP server name is listed in the IMAP setting section.

Step 2: Create the list of mailboxes to migrate
Go to your source email system (the one you're migrating from), and navigate to the list of mailboxes you want to migrate.

We'd give you the exact steps if we could, but there are so many different email systems out there that you need to find this out on your own. When you find the list of mailboxes, keep this window open.

Go to the Microsoft 365 admin center.

Navigate to Users > Active users. Keep an eye on the username column. You'll use this information in a minute. Keep the admin center open, too.

Start Excel.

Use the following screenshot as a template to create the migration file in Excel. Start with the headings in row 1. Make sure they match the picture exactly and don't contain spaces. The exact heading names are:

EmailAddress in cell A1.

UserName in cell B1.

Password in cell C1.

Next, enter the email address, username, and password for each mailbox you want to migrate. Enter one mailbox per row:
Column A is the email address of the Microsoft 365 or Office 365 mailbox. This is what is shown in the username column under Users > Active users in the Microsoft 365 admin center.

Column B is the sign-in name (for example, alberta, or often, for the user's mailbox on the source email system.

Column C is the password for the user's mailbox.

Reset the passwords, and note the new passwords in your migration file. The exact steps will depend on your source email system. You can probably find the option to reset a password when you view the user's email account.

Save the file as a CSV file type, and close Excel.

Step 3: Connect Microsoft 365 or Office 365 to your email system

Step 4: Create a migration batch and migrate your mailboxes

Step 5: Route your email directly to Microsoft 365 or Office 365

Step 6: Stop email synchronization

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