Topic: How to Add Additional Charter Email Addresses

Well, you can build up to seven email ids by logging in to the spectrum charter site. You can get different ids for your personal and professional use in that situation. For example, if you are a student you can have an email address to the charter college for educational purposes. You can also sign in to charter internet business email by visiting the company Charter email login page to create a business account.
So, if you want to open other accounts by visiting the email login on the site charter, get ready and follow all the steps below:
Go to the email login page on the charter net.
Navigate to 'My Account' which is at the top of the list.
Now you'll find all the usernames associated with your main account at the footer of the tab.
Choose 'Add user' and fill in all the details you'll be asked to provide.
Until signing in to the charter net email you will agree to all terms and conditions.
You must create a username from the administrative account which can be updated later.
You have to go to 'My Settings' for the latter, and do the required.