Topic: How do I restore deleted contacts on Android?

Conclusion: how do I restore deleted contacts on Android? This question has been asked countless times. This article will provide you with a detailed and easy-to-use tutorial.

Contact is a very important data of our Android. We need to communicate with our customers, friends and lovers through contact. Because the loss of contacts will have a great impact on our life and work. So what's the best way to restore Android contacts? The following is a detailed introduction.

Easy to use tutorial for restoring Android contacts

To retrieve deleted and lost contacts from Android devices, you can use professional Android data recovery, which can not only help you recover lost contacts from Android devices, but also make you easily recover deleted SMS, photos, videos, WhatsApp, etc. from Android phones. Whether you lose files due to error deletion, factory reset, system crash, password forgetting, Rom flashing, rooting and other reasons, it can help you quickly scan Android devices and display the scanning results, so that you can preview and selectively restore them immediately. This powerful software is suitable for Samsung, LG, Motorola, oneplus, Sony and other Android phones. Download the trial version and try it.

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Re: How do I restore deleted contacts on Android?

To restore your deleted contacts on Android, you can check you Google account. From there, you can restore your missing contacts easily.
Here is how:
•    First, log in to your Google account > then click on Contacts
•    Now on the left panel, tap on the “More” option
•    Here choose “Undo changes” and a window popups
•    Then the select time and tap on “Confirm”
•    After that, click on “Google” or Accounts > Google
•    At last, click on “Restore contacts” and recover lost contacts on Android

If this does not help you then try a recovery tool like Android Contacts Recovery. This is the best way to recover lost Android contacts without backup. Its easy to use and retrieves every contacts from phone without any problem.