Topic: recovering deleted files

i have accidently deleted a whole bunch of  various files to the tune of 80 some odd GB. Word Perfect, Word 2000, Excel 2000, jpg, tif,gif, pdf,

i have used recuva, diskdigger, glary undelete and free undelete so far.
some took a long time others were very quick.
some provided lots of files and said the file was in excellent or recoverable.
i selected those ones.
but when i tried to open word perfect or excel they would not open.
most of the files that wouldn't open had Dl or D| preceding the sector number or name of file.

my question there a way around this to open these files or are they really not recoverable even tho
the indication was that the file was in good shape.

i have read about advanced word repair and excel repair. would these work? is there one available for word perfect.?

hope someone can give me some help.

Re: recovering deleted files

Go to O&O they may have a free version,  have used it in the past very good results


Re: recovering deleted files

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