Topic: Trying to save space, I guess..

I work got an X-ray imaging software company. One day, one of our sales reps called in, he was doing an upgrade to our latest software with SQL.

We have a tool that will install the instance, rename the sa user, create the password and the database, firewall, folder share, etc. but it’s not working. The errors it throws are.. let’s say cryptic to be polite.

So I get in and try to install SQL manually and when it gets to ‘select instance root ‘ the error it throws is that the file path is too long? It was being run from  the documents folder I think, so C:\users \user.. like 6 deep and I guess SQL didn’t like that for some reason.

So I moved the installer to the root and tried again and it threw an error at the same spot but this time it’s something along the lines of ‘cannot install to a compressed folder’.

Come to find out, someone had zipped the entire C:\ drive.

The sales rep was supposed to get to another meeting or something in like an hour, ETA for uncompressing the drive was about 3.

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