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Which tool is  Provide option to Exclude Deleted Items while breaking large sized PST ?

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You can try this PST Splitter Tool which allows you to select required folders for splitting the PST file.

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This is the utility to split a large size PST file into a smaller size file.
As we know MS Outlook uses PST (Personal Storage Table) file format to store your emails and other mailbox items. There is a limited size allocated to the PST file and if it exceeds that size limit, then the file becomes corrupt. To avoid this issue we use PST Splitter Software this tool divide large PST files into smaller size PST files according to sender's e-mail ID's, date and year without any loss in data. this tool is easy to use and install in your OS. you can also try the free demo version to understand the working of the tool.

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You can use KDETools Outlook PST Splitter tool which provides an option to Exclude Deleted Items while breaking the large-sized PST file. The tool effectively split large or oversized PST file into small multiple PST files as per the Specific Criteria like

Divide PST file by Date

Divide PST file by Size

Divide PST file by Folder

Divide PST file by Year

This remarkable PST Splitter tool 100% helps the users to work with many versions of MS Outlook as well as it is compatible with different versions of Windows.

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ToolsGround Split Outlook PST Software is an advanced tool that breaks large size PST file into smaller PST files as per the specific criterion. The tool performs a risk-free operation for splitting PST without making any change on original data.

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Try the Split PST File, for divide your pst file. If you have big PST file and want to install them their name, date folder and year. It's easy to operate, you have no need to learn any kind of technical knowledge.  You can easily operate the software after following 3-4 steps.
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If anyone looking at the Best PST Splitter then I refer to use the KDETools PST Splitter. This tool easily split the oversized PST files into small parts. It splits the large PST files based on date, size, year and folder. It split the large PST files without installing MS-Outlook. Software support all the Version.

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Split PST File Software is an excellent utility which divides large PST file into manageable and smaller PST files as per the specific criterion like size, date, folder, and defends them from any corruption issues because of file size limits. It is fully capable of splitting all MS outlook item such as folders, contacts, calendars, journals, email folders. The application makes you sure that no actual data deleted during the process. The free trial version which transfers the first 10 items from each folder. You can download this tool from here:-