Kohls coupons to wear socks around the house this is something definitely that's gonna be a great bang for your dollar now the first pair of shoes we're gonna talk about is from adidas and these are going to be the adidas of course the bottom with the glue with the grooves and the grips on the bottom of the shoe this is a great live what were you thinking but this did come in two separate orders so I'll order something and then have a spaz moment and completely forgot what I placed in my previous order which hence the reason why to pair of red shoes came for adidas but they are the non-slip bottoms they're completely white on the bottom here's to talk to you for you guys and that's what it looks like on the front and of course the adidas strap goes across the actual top and it's more like a back tap a backpack type of material where it is scratchy so it does move with your foot as you're walking it'll flex and move with your foot and this is a slip-on shoe so you just literally just put on your socks and you just automate the slip on slip out slip on