Topic: PC Zone magazine is to shut after 17 years

Britain's first ever magazine dedicated to PC gaming is to cease publication after 17 years.

PC Zone magazine, the sometimes anarchic and irreverent monthly journal, is set to close after 225 issues on 2 September 2010.

Future Publishing, which owns the title, said the closure comes in the wake of a strategic review of its PC games portfolio

At its last audit, PC Zone was only selling about 11,000 copies a month.

The magazine started life in a rather dank and dusty basement in Central London.

It rose from the ashes of Zero, a monthly multi-format games magazine that, like PC Zone, was full of off-beat humour, adolescent jokes and, on occasion, courted controversy.

Zero closed down on October 1992. However, most of the staff were retained and formed the core staff of the new, single-format magazine, PC Zone.

The concept of PC gaming was a new one in the early 1990s. Games had traditionally been published on dedicated game consoles, such as the the Sega Mega Drive and Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES), along with the legacy generation of micro-computers.

Renegade PR's Tim Ponting, who published the magazine from its first issue untill late 2002, told BBC News that publishing it was perceived as 'madness' by many.

"At the time, the received wisdom was that no one would buy it," he said.

"But, it was a huge success, and the humour followed the legacy left by Zero magazine. It was public schoolboy, very clever, holier-than-though, but it worked," he added.

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By Daniel Emery  BBC Technology reporter

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