Topic: Seeking Contributors with Apple products (Mac/iPhone).

Dear Users,

We are currently seeking contributors willing to write reviews on software, our particular interest is in reviews on software for the Mac platform. There are times when you'll also need an iPhone to review an app.

Job Description

It is a freelance position, so your income directly depends on the amount of work you submit. Writing reviews on software is as easy as it sounds -- you download an application, give it a go (sometimes we'll give you license keys for shareware), make a couple of screenshots and describe the capabilities and functionality of the app in an unbiased review.

Requirements / What We Expect From You

- Great English skills (>Upper-Intermediate)
- Computer proficiency
- You own a Mac and an iPhone.

How Do I Submit?

If the position sounds interesting to you, and you meet the requirements,
fill out the registration form here:

Have a great day!  smile

Re: Seeking Contributors with Apple products (Mac/iPhone).

Hi Tom,

Just a question.

I see your post for application on the MAC/Apple products. Writing contributions and (testing) of the product software in real time daily usages. Reviews sort of speaking.

My question is: Do you have now or (maybe) in the future application for WIN7/Laptop/HP product software too?

I'm interested in helping analyze the moment, I have no Apple product. No hand held device to help you.

Look forward to helping you.

Master Mage.

Re: Seeking Contributors with Apple products (Mac/iPhone).

Hello, Master Mage!

Sure, you can apply here:

Best regards,

Re: Seeking Contributors with Apple products (Mac/iPhone).

Thanks a bunch !

After completing the form and submitted it, I created a new account.
There was a link under the message to enter the SI Interface, but said "Your account is currently disabled.

I think that is because it takes up to 3 days to be accepted within the SI (CV) system.

I look forward to helping contribute and test/review the Windows/Software.

Much thanks and look forward to being accepted.

Master Mage

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Re: Seeking Contributors with Apple products (Mac/iPhone).

Hi, Master Mage!

If it's not too much trouble, could you submit it one more time?

Sorry for the inconvenience,
SI Team

Re: Seeking Contributors with Apple products (Mac/iPhone).

Hey Tom,

I am subscribed to receive software to review & contribute to testing, but haven't seen any for the Windows platform.


Master Mage

Re: Seeking Contributors with Apple products (Mac/iPhone).


Could you send an email to with the following info:

1) What was sent to your email?  Please attach the text.
2) Did you get any info about your account (nickname/password)?
3) Specify the email you registered with.

The subject: "Master Mage -> Tom Cooper",
And I'll check out what the problem is,