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how do I suggest a new software? Is it OK to promote a software here?

A new photoshop plug-in for one-click image enhancement is available now

For some reason VIESUS pops up when typed into the search form here, but then is missing in the search results.


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You can add your software to our database by following these steps:

No, promoting is prohibited here,

If you are referring to the search results on Software Informer -- it seems that 'viesus' --> 'views'
"Showing results for views
Search instead for viesus"

Click "search instead" and you'll find the application,

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Thank You Tom,

that was it, got swapped with "views" (too bad it does that)

I suggested corrections. I could not suggest a logo though.


Re: VIESUS automatic image correction

Could you please send an icon to
With a link to your software on our website, and a quick comment explaining that you want to add the icon.

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