Topic: Installed Programs

I just recently installed SIClient on my PC, but it does not show all of the programs that I have installed. In other words, if I compare the SIClient list of installed programs, it does not fully agree with the list that shows when I open my Control Panel window in installing and uninstalling programs.

Can anyone tell me why these two lists of installed programs should differ.


Bob Robinson

Re: Installed Programs

It can sometimes differ as some programs may not have registery entries or some programs may not be compatible. You can easily open the software and update it manually. smile

Sukhjit Singh

Re: Installed Programs

collection of software is really very nice habit,but everyone should put software in rar ,because you can save your software collect by corrupt software problem............

Re: Installed Programs

Hi it is very simple program for install in your computer firstly you go to add ones and search that you want to install than click install after ending installing again start your computer this type of completed.

Re: Installed Programs

i think NOFATCHX is right you should try to uninstall the unviewied program and reinstall it.and if SI software donot inform or view them means they are not compatible. and you can also try to update SI informer and see what it presents see you!!!!