Topic: :Problems with Dragon NS

Super beam has been working fine and right now I am able to use it to post my problem. However I have an issue when I go to use it in an email. It does not make any difference whether it is a new email or whether it was a reply.

I can go to Microsoft office word and it works fine so it is purely some issue that has risen all of a sudden with respect to email. And unfortunately I have no clue as to how to resolve it. The other problem is that due to the chemo my hands have significant neuropathy and pain and so inability to use this in email is a real problem.

I have tried on installing and reinstalling super beam to no avail. When it goes through the process with Dragon and I read the text it's fine however I still can't use it in email. I should point out that this is new in that when I left on a business trip on Sunday it was working fine and when I returned yesterday I could not use it to do emails.

As I mentioned I've tried reinstalling, Dragon appears to accept it with no problem, I am able to write this message and also do word with no problems. I should mention that I used thunder bird for my email, but I know of no update that occurred which could have affected this.

I would appreciate any thoughts anyone can give me as to what I might try in order to get this resolved.