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I have some mp4 videos that I would like to watch on my dvd player using pen drive so I converted them to avi files but they still will no play.  All videos that originally are avi files or video files play no problem, what am I doing wrong???

If I convert to VOB file I can watch it but the quality is not good, can anyone tell me what file I should be trying to convert it to? 

Thank you

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Re: Foxtab Video Converter

Converting to VOB is right. You may try another video converter like Voilabits video converter and wondershare's.  smile

Re: Foxtab Video Converter

Why just directly convert it to DVD? I used Video Converter to convert MP4 to DVD. For MP4 videos' playback on DVD Player, you just need to download Video Converter software. Then import the MP4 movies into the program. Finally insert a blank DVD disc and hit the "Burn" option. In a while, you can enjoy the MP4 videos on DVD Player.

P.S. You can skip the step on converting MP4 to AVI.

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