Topic: Some software files are missing...

I have just updated my Dell webcam.
I now have a message saying "Some software files are missing. Please reinstall the software"
I have tried reinstalling the download, but it I get a message saying my software is up to date and does not complete the reinstall. How do I fix this error?
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Re: Some software files are missing...

AiIdeal  JimAi wrote:

In the Windows operating systems, the default CP-1252 character encoding is used for the Latin alphabet. This character encoding recognizes different types of characters and displays them on your computer screen according to the rules.

I do not understand your answer. What do I do to correct my concern?

Re: Some software files are missing...

hi, i am receiving this error message that says it will not allow the pictures to show correctly.  FL_Thick_out.png_0_3449562196   

not sure where to get these from as they did not down load in the original download for MAC verion.
thank you,