Topic: Just registerred—various questions


I found out that Software Informer is for intel and I have ppc os 10.4.11.

I think this is Alex Seifert's product and site. Is that right? Is Software Informer the more sophisticated version of ScratchPad he was working on? SoftwareInformer is listed somewhere here under note books or pads so I thought it might be.

I've used ScratchPad for years and totally love it. The only drawback is that I have no way to index it. I've collected thousands of pages of valuable information and data and I've no way to access it easily other than by going through all the pages.

Is this forum for ScratchPad as well as SoftwareInformer? If not, is there a forum for ScratchPad? There's no 'Help' in ScratchPad and I have questions which I'll hold off asking until I find out if this is the right place or not.



Re: Just registerred—various questions

One's for notes, the other one is for applications. What are these two programs similar in, again?